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The main function of an estate planning attorney is to advise his clients who are about to kick the bucket to write up a will before they die. Another function of these lawyers is to help clients when they are preparing a will. The lawyer does not specialize in writing wills alone, because they also help you avoid estate taxes and draft living trusts. A good example of a celebrity who died without a will despite the pleas from her lawyers to prepare one is Aretha Franklin. The mere fact that Aretha was a celebrity, makes her estate’s future to be uncertain. The main reason for this is because if a celebrity dies without a will, they leave a lot of confusion behind because everyone wants a portion of the property. Use the steps below to help you choose a good estate planning attorney.

Stick with a lawyer who is trustworthy and has a lot of experience in the industry. A lawyer who has vast experience is more knowledgeable in this field. Choosing a lawyer with experience increases the odds of you getting high-quality representation. Look for a lawyer who you can trust because estate planning is a personal matter. Aretha Franklin had lawyers who she trusted and had vast experience working for her. All of her lawyers offered their services to her for thirty years. This shows that her lawyers had experience and were people she trusted.

You need to look for an attorney who is fully qualified to work in this industry and knows the estate rules that govern your state. Look for a lawyer who has been to law school and is familiar with estate law. Aretha’s lawyers had all the knowledge of estate law because they were quick to suggest that she will be divided among her sons because she did not leave behind a will.

The lawyers need to pinpoint various clients that they have worked with in the past. It is very hard for lawyers to disclose some of their clients, but it is acceptable in estate law. Look for the clients that got their legal representation from the lawyers. The clients who have worked with the lawyers in the past should give you their reviews of the lawyers.

Ask the lawyers to tell you their charges. Stick with an attorney who as substantial charges, but are offering good representation. Choose a lawyer that satisfies all your needs after you have considered all the factors mentioned above. The agreement should be written before signing it.

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