An Introduction to Businessman and Humanitarian Jim Plante

Former U.S. Commerce Secretary Barbara Franklin once described James Plant with the words, “He has firsthand knowledge of how our government policies can both help and hinder US progress as we compete in the global marketplace.” This impressive statement was used to sum up just a few of the talents that Jim Plante has brought to a distinguished career. His strong technical education formed the basis of a formidable professional path that began early and is going strong today.

A Technical Background Became the Foundation for Excellence

Mr. Plant earned an Electrical Engineering degree from Southern Illinois University and then spent the next 25 years working as a successful technology investor and entrepreneur. At the age of 30 he played a vital role in the acquisition of tech company Beltronics. As acting president of the firm he launched a product that helped it become profitable within 12 months. Over the next few years he was also associated with E-Band Communications and SmartDrive Systems, where he became CEO.

Family Health Issues Drove the Formation of a Genetic Testing Company

More than 30 years ago Mr. Plante’s father was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, an uncommon disease at the time. Little research had been done on the condition and delayed treatment resulted in his father’s kidney failure. This catastrophe spurred Mr. Plante to begin Pathway Genomics. As its founder and CEO, he developed projects that resulted in state-of-the-art genetic testing. Mr. Plante’s eventually discovered that he had the same condition as his father and he subsequently had a kidney transplant. This crisis further spurred his efforts to help others with the condition and to ensure that genetic testing is available to all.

Current Projects Include Kidney Research

In recent years Mr. Plante created the Foundation for Kidney Research. He holds a number of biotechnical and technology patents and is a member of the International Trade Advisory Committee. Mr. Plante’s work in the healthcare field also continues. He continues to push for innovation in health care through an investment firm called Thynk Capital.

Few businessmen in the biotech and healthcare industries can match the upward trajectory of James “Jim” Plante’s career. Using a scientific education as a foundation, Mr. Plante has been responsible for a wide range of innovations in the technical, biotechnical and healthcare industries. He continues to push for healthcare advances.

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