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Understanding The Basics As To How Bail Bonding Works

When you are charged with a crime, you will have to stay in jail for trial and hearing until the verdict is reached for your crime, however, if you want to be out of jail while the proceedings are still in process before the verdict, you will have to post bail.

Bail is the money or property that is required to be released in jail momentarily until verdict, bail bond, is an assured agreement between the defendant or surety and the court to guarantee that the defendant returns to court for the scheduled dates else the bail bond be forfeited.

When the initial trial is done, the court will in most cases set a normally high bail amount this is to ensure that the defendant will stay visible and present to appear during court dates, otherwise it may not be taken seriously by the defendant.

Once the bail amount is given by the court, the defendant or the surety will then proceed to post bail, and as a form of confirmation of the bail being posted, a receipt will be given, and the defendant may then be released from jail, following the agreement set as agreed on the bond.

If it happens that the defendant happens to miss even just one court date, immediately a forfeiture hearing will be called for and a warrant of arrest is served, and from here the defendant is given the chance to tell the court of the reason for missing the court date, and if still on this special hearing the defendant still fails to appear, the bail will then be kept by the court and the warrant will push through.

In most cases, especially for immediate bail need, defendants will secure the money from a bail bondsmen where they will have to produce a collateral for the amount and the bail bondsmen will get 10% from the bail amount as their profit in the process.

There are also other forms of securing money to post bail, and you can check which one is most accessible for you it can be that cash bond, signature bond, or property bond, all have its own requirements so know which will suit you.

Once all is set, you can get a citation release, and you have to understand all the imposed additional conditions, and you also must be fully aware of all the consequences in the event of failure to meet the requirements and appear on your scheduled court dates.

Remember that posting a bail will give you that freedom to do what you have to do, just be responsible in every way you can.

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